Who We Serve

At SmartBooks Tax & Advisory we understand that choosing a CPA can be a very personal decision. As a virtual tax practice, we can serve clients in all 50 states. We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients from the beginning. If we think that you won’t be a good fit for us than we’ll let you know. Our most successful clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to grow their business and need help with the financial aspects along the way.

Small Business Owners

Taxes are commonly the single biggest expense for any business owner. They are also the number one cause of stress. Our goal is to take that stress away and help you feel reassured that not only are your taxes being filed on time but that you are paying the least amount of tax allowed by the law. In our opinion, as a small business owner you have to wear many hats from janitor to Chief Executive Officer and everything in between. We think you have enough things to worry about and taxes shouldn’t be one of them.


As an entrepreneur, we know that building businesses is what drives you. That’s why we can work with you to structure your businesses in the most tax efficient manner. We are also here all year round to help you when you need it. Whether that be acquiring new businesses or selling an exisisting business, we are here when you need us.

Marketing Professionals

SmartBooks Tax & Advisory’s first client was a marketing firm. Since then we have grown our marketing niche year over year and have learned a lot along the way. That means we speak your language and can not only help you save on taxes but can also help with things like structuring your books to see what revenue streams are outperforming or underperforming.

Technology Services

One of our fastest growing niches, technology services encompasses everything from website design companies to IT MSP companies. These also tend to be our clients who are most likely to have employees in multiple states which is why we can help you navigate all the state and local tax filing requirements and make sure that you are not overpaying any taxes not only at the federal level but also at the state level.

Health and Fitness Industry

Over the years, we have worked with many clients in the health and fitness industry. Not only do we enjoy working with these people on a personal level, but here at SmartBooks Tax & Advisory we are passionate about health and fitness in our personal lives. This passion and understanding allow us to connect with our clients on a much deeper level and you focus less on accounting and taxes and more on helping your clients achieve their goals.

No Surprises – Guaranteed

Most business owners don’t know what their tax liability is until their tax preparer finishes the return. This creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. Our goal is to meet with you throughout the year to provide you with an idea of taxes that will be owed so that you can plan accordingly. When you begin working with us, we’ll work together to determine how often we should meet based on your unique needs and budget. For some clients, once a year is all you need for others that might mean a monthly touch point to make sure all is right. Simply put, with SmartBooks, you will never be caught off guard with the tax you owe at the end of the  year.